MOOD OF DEFIANCE - Now (+ Bonus Tracks) → cd

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MOOD OF DEFIANCE - Now (+ Bonus Tracks) → cd


Hatha  words, vibes
Danny Phillips  bass, guitars
Gary Kail  guitars, bass
Thaddeus  drums

16  songs

01. The Divided States of America
02. Peanut Butter Skies
03. Girl in a Painting
04. Duck Back Flow
05. Sticky Lips
06. Plastic Duck Holders
07. Afternoon/My Garden
08. Painted Dragon
09. Feel Real
10. Poem
11. Not What You Think


From Life Is Ugly So Why Not Kill Yourself
12. Empty Me

From Life Is Beautiful So Why Not Eat Health Foods
13. Girl in a Painting Pt. 2
14. Flower Child

From Life Is Boring So Why Not Steal This Record
15. American Love Song

From Now
16. 153rd St. 9/12/79


NOW!!!! The aptly titled Mood of Defiance full-length features a mutated lineup vastly different from the first EP, In a Box (Water Under the Bridge / Recess Records). This lineup includes the late Gary Kail & Danny Phillips, both former members of the band Anti and co-owners of the defunct label, New Underground Records (1982-1984). With this lineup comes an eclectic range of styles ranging from punk to mod to psych, all stitched together by the vocal stylings of Rachel “Hatha” Mason. The record opens with “The Divided States of America,” a commentary that could stand true today as it did when this record was originally released back in 1982. Tracks like, “Girl in a Painting” and “Sticky Lips” break from the 80's punk mold, set by the opening track and brings about a sound reminiscent of the Jam & Gang of Four. MOD then dives into the acid-soaked “Feel Real” — which might just make Jim Morrison blush. Sew up this record with a poem and some pretty solid bonus tracks from the New Underground Life Is … compilation trilogy and there you have it … NOW … a great look into yesterday …


1-11 Produced by Ian Hamilton, Gary Kail, Danny Phillips & Hatha. Engineered by Ian Hamilton with assistance by Steve Lary. Recorded & mixed at Kitchen Sync, November 1982.

12 Engineered & produced by SPOT at Unicorn Studios, March 1982.

13-15 Recorded at Kitchen Sync, February 1983. Produced by Ian Hamilton.

Cover design by Hatha, Gary Kail, Ed Colver & Danny Phillips.

Vinyl Transfer and restoration by Dave Eck (Lucky Lacquers).

Photos by Edward Colver.

Originally released by New Underground Records, 1982-1983.



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